Family Law

Family breakdowns are hard on everyone and, unfortunately, children often get caught in the middle. That’s why at Raise Law we focus on achieving the best outcome for children in all our family disputes, be it divorce, property settlement and children’s matters (residence / custody).
Where ever possible the more amicable methods of mediation and / or negotiation would be attempted.  But our lawyers are not shy of fighting for a fair outcome in court should that be necessary.
Our Family Law services include:
● Arrangements for children (previously called custody)
● Property Settlement
● Divorce (fixed fee in most circumstances)
● Child Support
● Grandparent contact


Did you know that in most family law disputes before commencing court proceedings for children’s issues, you need to have attempted mediation with the help of a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP)?

Raise Law has our very own FDRP.  Raelene Ellis is a registered FDRP and can act as a mediator for your family law matter.

Raelene welcomes enquiries from both parents and solicitors in regards to the costs and availability to mediate your family matter. For mediation we operate on a fixed fee basis to provide you with certainty of costs.

Domestic Violence

We at Raise Law are very concerned at the statistics of relationship deaths in Australia.  We take domestic violence seriously.

We are able to represent:
● Applicants in domestic violence proceedings
● Respondents to domestic violence proceedings
● Those involved in domestic violence appeals
● Those charged with breaching a domestic violence order.

Criminal Law

While the firm Raise Law has only recently branched into Criminal Law, our staff have over 15 years of experience in representing people charged with criminal offences.

In addition our principal Raelene is qualified as an accredited duty lawyer and children’s court duty lawyer and has spent over 10 years acting as a duty lawyer in various magistrates courts in Gympie and south-east Queensland.

Raise Law can also help you if you have been charged with a traffic offence and need to apply for a work/hardship license.

Raise Law can represent you by:
● Providing you advice on your criminal or traffic offence
● Attending court
● Making an application for a work/hardship license
● Conducting a guilty plea with a focus to minimise your penalty
● Undertaking committal hearings (where permitted by the court)
● Preparing and instructing a barrister if your matter has to proceed to a jury trial
● Criminal law appeals.

We can offer fixed fees for some stages of criminal proceedings.  Ask us about our fixed fee prices for work/hardship license and guilty pleas.

Wills & Estate

Losing a loved one is never easy. But planning ahead and having the knowledge that your loved ones have been left with something to remember you by and are provided for to the best of your ability, can provide you with some peace of mind.  Raise Law can help draft and consider the terms of your will and enduring powers of attorney documents.

Have you been left out of a will of a recently deceased?  We can help you consider your options in disputing a will.

Are you an administrator of a will and not sure how to go about winding up the estate? Or need to apply for Probate or Letters of Administration?  We can help. Contact us.

Discrimination and Human Rights

Anti-discrimination proceedings

If you feel you have been discriminated against due to race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, parenting status, relationship status or any other manner covered by the Anti-Discrimination Act, come talk to us and let us help you fight for your rights.

Human Rights

Queensland introduced a Human Rights Act in 2019, which commenced operation or came into force on 1 January 2020.  It protects a variety of rights specifically when dealing with government or quasi government organisations.  We are really excited at Raise Law to see how this area of law shapes our rights in the coming years.

Do you want to chat about a possible complaint under the new Human Rights Act? We would love to hear from you.

Legal Aid

Raise Law can now act for you in the above areas (except Wills and Estates) on a legally aided basis.

Want to apply for Legal Aid? Ask us how.

Raise Law can meet with you at a location convenient to both of us – within Caloundra, Caloundra West, Aura / Baringa, Birtinya or surrounds.